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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 1, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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officer joe shelton: i've been a police officer for 7 years. officer joe shelton: i've been a police officer for 7 years. i just kind of wanted to follow along in my dad's footsteps. my father's a police officer. he's been a policeman now for 28 years. i always wanted to follow in his footsteps. then i had the opportunity to do it and i really like this job. there's no other job that i could even consider myself doing. the memories, the camaraderie that you get out here. we have a ride-along program and people can come in and ride with us. i encourage everybody to do that, ride out here and see what a police officer's life's like. okay, our car is going to south 15th. step it up. medcom said they're really having some trouble. we're en route to assist another officer that called for an ambulance. told the ambulance to have it... pick it up. i don't know what type of call he's on. he's calling for assistance now asking for another unit. look out, dudes.
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there's not anybody close to him. nobody's checked on the scene with him yet so far. it sounded like he was fighting with somebody for a second. 32, what kind of call is he on? ( garbled radio transmission ) okay, we're getting an update now. the medcom and the firecom dispatchers are advising all police to signal ten that they're really having a problem out here. clear it back, people. bob, what do you got, bud? what's the deal? it's no big problem. there's another guy... hold on, man, hold on. what's the deal, man? we got a call. got down here and there were several people out in the street and i got them separated and the guy i got in the back of my car turned around and smacked him. he all right? yeah, i took him down. then i had everybody else coming in and... i had nobody else here. another guy has been hit
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too, right? what started it was a guy named jack. he was arguing... this guy behind the seat was arguing with jack. jack just got out of the pen. he told him, "i don't want no trouble. i just got out." when he started to walk off... this guy-- which he just seen-- is good for sucker punching. while he was walking off he ran up behind him. hits him with a beer bottle. he came up around him and hooked him with a beer bottle. split his eye open. he fell down. he came running at me. i took him down to the street. i whupped him; he let it go. i whipped his ass; he let it go. when the cops got here i'm getting ready to walk off-- you can ask this officer-- i'm walking off, he runs up and hits me. where's the guy that got cut? he's down here on the porch. i haven't seen him yet. and he said, "i don't want no trouble. i just got out of the pen." and he walked off and this other guy hit him. hit him at the back... he hit
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him with a bottle. hit him with a beer bottle. he was walking off. he was walking off and the guy hit him. are you the one that did it? no, man. they got the one that did it. what's your name, dude? i'm going to put this on and wrap it around your head, all right? officer: you all right? he hit me with a bottle, man. that's old. i don't want no trouble. officer shelton: just relax. let them take care of you. we got him up in the car. all right? what did he hit you for? do you know? yeah, 'cause i told this man he was a bastard. were y'all fighting? let's see, where's..? get the scissors out for me? you got his head? he just sucker punched me with a bottle. he snuck up on me. you know wham! he hit me. what did he do? come up behind you and hit you? he come right in my face and hit me.
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'cause, see, i guess he had to hit me in my face 'cause, you know... what were y'all into it about? i guess him being him, i reckon. he was talking like he, uh, was going to whup everybody in the world. it seems like there was some type of disturbance and one guy walks up behind the other one and hits him with a beer bottle over the left eye which laid his eye open pretty good. he doesn't want any assistance. of course he's going to have to go get sewed up. we've got the other guy in custody. officer shelton: what do you go by? jimmy? jimmy. what happened over here, jimmy? i came over here to visit my friend, art. he lives right here. and when i got over here he had some couple of dudes hanging around dwayne something, and doug... mm-hmm. ...when i got over here i took them... i gave them a ride over here over on cleveland street
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at his sister's or cousin's house and they beat me up. took my gold chain and my gold band. i got a receipt. it ain't on me right now. they robbed me so. what happened to the guy that got cut? cut? i had to fight two or three of them. three of them jumped on me. okay. that's as plain as... i'll talk to you in just a minute. ...stabbed him with a beer bottle. come here. so i let it ride. who was fighting when you got here? there wasn't anybody fighting. there was about 30 of them out in the street. i was trying to figure out what was going on and the guy in the back seat said somebody stole his chain. they said there was another man down here that had been cut and needed an ambulance. so i called for 47, and... when you said you needed another car we come back and tried to raise you on the radio and we couldn't never get you. so then medcom started calling in advising us to signal ten. hurry up
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and get over here because officers were fighting this guy. who was here with you? nobody. how did you get the call? they just dispatched it at 57th, 1500. okay. we couldn't get ahold of you and the fire department advised a signal ten. he was fighting on the ground and i couldn't get to the radio. you all right? yeah. good deal. good deal. i'm going to get a few names on these guys, stuff like that. when you're in this officer's shoes calling for assistance and you're on the ground and you put out that call the best feeling in the world is to hear those sirens coming for you.
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officer george conway: every day is a challenge out here for me. the challenge i have every day is going home every night. i think that's mainly
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what every officer's challenge is. i've seen basically everything that can happen to a person out on the streets out here. as far as street crimes and violent crimes everything happens in the central sector. you see it. you look at it. it happens. it's reality. you have to be able to see reality. dispatcher: ...a lot of screeching in the background. things about blood. got a call classified as ten-41. the line is still open on the phone. nobody said anything. in the background... she stated she could hear a lot of screaming about blood as if it were the cause of activity going on there. we're going to go check it out.
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how you doing? all right. everything okay? there's trouble back there. somebody be hurtin' all right. who's in the back? that's her daughter. that's her daughter back there crying. ( woman shouting ) the middle of his people, lord you said to give you the praise. how you doing? hallelujah! glory be to god. glory be to god! my lord, my jesus. lord, you said that i shall have the victory. hallelujah. glory. how you doing? calm down. hallelujah. calm down. that nobody will run over me. glory be to god. calm down and talk to me. hallelujah. glory to god. calm down. glory to god. i give him the glory. calm down. hallelujah.
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calm down. yes, lord. calm down. yes, lord. it's all right. yes, lord. yes, lord. calm down so you can talk to me. jesus, i see him. i see him. oh, yes, lord. jesus. yes, lord. you said you would. jesus come in. i can see you. yes, lord, coming to see you. have a seat. yes, lord. hallelujah. have a seat. give me the victory, lord. come here with me, lord. hallelujah. conway: are you hurt in any way? do you feel like hurting yourself? no. there's nothing wrong with me. feel like hurting anybody else? there's nothing wrong with me. why should i hurt anybody else? i don't know.
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for what reason would you ask me something like that? you're just preaching, right? you're happy right? yes, sir. why is you asking me these questions? i need to know that, okay? hallelujah. okay, but why did you ask me? you're all right? yes. hallelujah. man: she does this all the time. no, i don't do this all the time. where do you get that from? your father. that's not my father. is that your mom's friend? yes, that's my mother's friend. he's lying to you. ma'am, they're just trying to take care of you. i'm over here to take care of them. okay, calm down. you said your mom has alzheimer's, right? and you're taking care of her? if you don't believe it, call dr. ellison. i believe you, okay? you're taking care of her? yeah, i'm here taking care of her. when i go to work, i take her to my sister. where do
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you work? van de veer. so you just get happy during dinner and preach. no. because he came in here. i fixed her a plate and set it on the table. and they act ugly i'd rather call on the name of jesus. you don't have to do it that way. was he trying to argue with you? he didn't want her to eat what i had fixed for her. conway: he wanted her to have something else. he wanted her to eat the greens and he came and fixed her a plate that's sitting over there and he came and redone the plate. so he wasn't satisfied with the way you fixed it so he fixed it himself, right? look, i went to a tutor until the night. i didn't get in here until after 6:00. now, he had all that time to fix her something to eat. why wait until i came in to fix something to eat to start a disturbance? do that make sense? no, it doesn't
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but i haven't talked to him. i just wanted to make sure you were okay. there's nothing wrong with me. i have a sound mind. i just wanted to find that out for myself. i can see there's nothing wrong with you. i just wanted to make sure everything's okay. you going to be all right? i'm fine. well, if you need us back, just give us a call, okay? okay. good luck. all right, thank you. conway: i think what's going on is she wants to take care of mom and that's mom's friend and she fixed a kitchen plate for the mom and she was upset when she came in because he made no effort to fix dinner at all or anything. apparently, they've both been into it before but it's good that she preaches instead of getting all violent about it. so, everything's calm and quiet
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and we're going to leave.
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officer kenneth elkins: being a police officer changes your entire lifestyle. in tennessee, as in probably several other states police officers are never off duty. the law says we have to act under penalty of law in case of an emergency or a felony situation. if you go out with friends you always hear that line-- "oh, be careful. the police are here." that gets kind of boring but it's more than just a job sometimes. it's actually a lifestyle that you have to adapt and adopt. we've got a vehicle parked between railroad tracks off the main highway. it almost looks like she's on a line. she is parked on a line. she drove her car down the railroad tracks and got both wheels off the
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ground on the tracks right there. okay. uh, 34. make it 35. please stay off the railroad tracks on fourth avenue south. we've got a woman stuck. she's driven her car up the railroad tracks and she's wedged between two main lines. call c.s.x. advise them to stop all railroad traffic or we'll end up with a mess. 10-4. what happened? woman: i don't know what happened. i was just driving along looking for holt's corner. how did you end up on the railroad tracks? i had to go somewhere. i don't know how i got there. you don't know how you got there? that's pretty dangerous. of course it is. a train came by while ago. how long have you been on the railroad tracks? i haven't been here too long but i've been here a little
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while. we're going to call a wrecker to get you off. oh, and there's a train coming too. dispatcher: it's the 3300 block of white pine. what's the cross street? 5 central. we've got a car stuck on the tracks. advise the zone to signal ten. he's blocking two main lines. dispatcher: 10-4. woman: the front tire's spinning. elkins: is it front-wheel drive? woman: yeah. can we get it to make any kind of contact? woman officer: no. if we put something under it, we could. we've got contact there. it doesn't have enough horsepower to pull itself off.
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dispatcher: there is a train due to come through there in the next few minutes. he's not traveling at a high rate of speed but they'll advise him of the situation so he'll stop. 10-4? yeah, we see him. he's coming from the other direction on this track. the way i'm going? yeah. 10-4. i can do anything but land in front of him. don't do that. we'll move. oh, geez. we're under attack by a train. we've got air cover. 31 central. woman officer: not yet. who's at the other number?
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elkins: i've got to admit-- it's kind of unfortunate. the elderly lady appears to be... uh... having some problems connecting where she at. she thinks she's on highway 31-a. she's trying to find some place in brentwood. she's a long way from there. i have no idea how she ended up on the railroad tracks. i'm just glad the helicopter's got that train held up down there. dwayne, you want to drive it? all right. we need to go ahead and move. we've got a hot pass coming down this track. we need to get on off the rail. julie, take her on off the track. woman officer: why don't we go on down this way? elkins: knock it in neutral. he hasn't stopped that train. ( garbled radio transmission ) that train's still coming.
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all right. let's get on off the rail. all right. all right, dwayne. come on back. 35, 705, thanks for the air traffic, partner. ( garbled radio transmission ) 35 to county-wide. advise c.s.x. their rail is clear. 10-4. ( train horn blows ) the situation could have been worse. if that old lady had stayed in the car i think she'd probably just sit there and let the train hit her. it's funny now that it's over and she's not hurt but imagine if we hadn't got here a few minutes earlier. i'd have hated to work the wreck.
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officer: 132 and bush. i've got him at gunpoint. dispatcher: gunpoint, 132 and bush. cover is code three.
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. san francisco delayed muni after an overnight shooting. and a car lands in the creek after a crash in bodega bay, what police are saying about that deadly accident. it is all ahead on the bay area news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, it is monday morning, april 1st, no joke. quite a bit of rain, is it going to last today? >> it is hit and miss, quite a bit on the way, it was raining in walnut creek and going in the afternoon and we'll see a few pop-up showers but you may hit some bursts of rain and highs will be in the 60s and
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70s, here is sal. good morning, it is raining outside and well, we do have some accidents out there on 101. there is an overturned truck and let's look at 880 westbound as you look at mcarthur maze, traffic is moving along well as you drive through. it is a look at oakland but it is wet and traffic still looks good, let's go back to the desk. a woman was killed in a crash on highway 1 in bodega bay. her car went off the highway in sonoma county shortly before sonoma last night. the karened up side down alongside the road. the woman died in the car but her friend made it out alive. >> a pond rival, three -- upon
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arrival, three people made it out with one diseased. >> they do not say if alcohol was involved but it was raining at the time of the crash. >> a crash in nevada coming up, the person who has now been arrested and what police say caused that tragic accident. san francisco police are investigating a shooting on a muni bus. two people were shot, paul? good morning, pam, i just got an e-mail giving me more information. >> reporter: i can tell you it happened 10:15 the information. police just reported to me a 25- year-old woman shot in the torso along a stationery bus and it is unclear and of course
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we are staying on of this. latino thin build, black beanie white. the third and of course we are trying to get more information about this and this was a 14 mission you about last night. they are still getting more information and of course we will bring it to you as we get it. live, paul chambers, back to you. they had a deadly gang related shooting over the weekend in west side on atwater. a group snuck up at a rifle gain and opened fire. the two young men were killed and police have not made any arrests. the oakland poli


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